Client Testimonials

" In a short space of time I was able to feel huge improvements... "

Following a serious back injury in 2006 resulting in many months of inactivity and recuperation, I was feeling anxious and worried about ever being able to resume my previous active and busy lifestyle and fully participate in all the things I loved to do. It was with these thoughts that I entered through the doors of the 'Strength2Strength' Personal Training studio which I had been passing by for weeks on my regular medical pilgrimages.

Having no idea what to expect it was a welcome relief to have my first conversation with Carla [PT owner operator]

Carla was extremely knowledgeable about health and fitness and most importantly for me she had the 'Care' factor. I immediately felt that I was in the right place and after a thorough initial assessment we developed an exercise plan that gently but effectively allowed me to regain my confidence and strength.

In a short space of time I was able to feel huge improvements, to the point that just 6 months later, motivated by Carla's enthusiasm and her belief in me that I could do it I entered the 10 km run in the Gold Coast Marathon.

Never having been much of a runner at the best of times I was unconvinced I would make the distance, however with Carla by my side, encouraging and challenging me along the way I made it across the line, exhausted but exhilarated at the huge leap forward I had made. Through Carla's expert knowledge and very extensive practical background in all areas of strength, resistance and gymnasium work I have been able to truly move from 'Strength2Strength' including over the last four years, achieving gold medals at local, state and national level Dragon Boat Racing and this year, being selected as part of my club team to compete in the 'World Club Crew' competition in Macau, July.

I have always been impressed by Carla's professionalism, and her ability to practice the art of 'Personal training' with energy enthusiasm and often great humour, and whether your goal is to improve your health, lose weight or just get back in shape I know Carla will find the most effective, efficient and enjoyable fitness solution for you as she has the ability to motivate and encourage everyone to push themselves 'just a little harder' in the quest to achieve the desired result. For me 'Strength2Strength' is much more than just a P.T studio, walking through the door is always like 'visiting a friends' the atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable and Carla and her team are committed to delivering long term fitness and healthy living techniques to all their clients. With every encounter personally tailored to individual needs, this business is a true standout and a life changing experience and one I would not hesitate to recommend to any one.
- Jo Forde

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" motivated me through more than just the fitness test for the police service... "

When I first came to Carla (Strength2Strength) I was preparing to join the Queensland Police Service (QPS), I was a full time cigarette smoker and completely unfit.

I met Carla and straight away knew that there was no way I was going to be able to make any excuses, and I liked that. With Carla's strong nature and determination to see me fulfill my dreams I was able to quit smoking in no time (thanks to the push ups I was to do each time I felt like one).

Carla prepared a training program to suit my needs to pass the fitness test and the obstacle course for QPS. I soon went from having a personal trainer and mentor to a friend that helped and motivated me through more than just the fitness test for the police service.

Through Strength2Strength and Carla I gained confidence in myself and felt I was able to grow more as a person. I also made friendships with the other trainers there and I felt excited to go training each time.

I would strongly recommend Strength2Strength training to help you achieve your dreams, goals or just to get out there and get fit, I did and I have never looked back.
- Vanessa Rudloffe

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" Within six months my bone density had increased by 14.9%... "

When I met Carla at Strength2Strength in early 2004 I was very unfit, and because of several bone fractures due to osteoporosis had little confidence in my balance.

We worked on all types of training but focused on strength and balance and within 6 months my bone density had INCREASED by 14.9% in my hip and 9.1% in my spine.

Another six months on showed a further improvement, firmly establishing the link between the program we were following and such substantial results! Protecting myself from fractures and keeping as fit as possible is the goal Carla and I always keep in mind.

I have made many wonderful friends through my weekly sessions and the social connections and fun we have makes Strength2Strength so much more than a training venue!

- Rosemary Seery

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" Carla is an Excellent Motivator... "

In the January the plaintiff call went out, "Caaaarla, please help me get ready to do the Kokoda Track later this year". Blue and Lysanne, close friends of mine, had asked me to do the Track with them. It was a personal goal I had all but given up on. My weight had ballooned out to over 100 kilos and my right knee was pretty wonky with rotary instability and other gremlins. To her credit Carla didn't throw her hands up and say, "get real fat boy". Instead she smiled a wicked smile and got on with the challenge.

Together Carla and I worked out a program to strengthen the muscles in my legs and, at the same time, work on the wonky knee. I had little confidence in the knee especially when it came to steep descents of which there were many on the Track. So began six months of hard work. Carla's enthusiasm and dedication began to work on any doubts I had about being able to achieve my goal. By Month Three I had no doubt I would have the strength to walk Kokoda. My lower body muscles were beginning to take up the strain. Dragon woman, I mean Carla, didn't neglect my upper body muscles either. Bench presses, lat pull-downs, rowing, leg presses, squats, push-ups (yumm my favorite, NOT) mixed in with some fun activities began to show results. Carla is an excellent motivator, she must be, Jackie (my wife) and I traveled from Brisbane to Robina every Friday for over six months.

At the end of July, Blue, Lysanne and I left for Port Moresby. Two days later we began walking the Track, starting out from Owens Corner and walking toward Kokoda, some 90 odd kilometers away. The gradients on the Owen Stanley Range resemble an ECG chart. They go straight up and down. Occasionally there are little flat bits to which pristine villages cling. I found I looked forward to the steep ascents rather than the slip, sliding descents into what seemed the abyss. Once up in the higher country I was awestruck by the primeval rainforest. The movie "Jurassic Park" could have been made there without the need for sets.

Nine days later we emerged at Kokoda. Tired, dirty and a weeny bit smelly I was amazed that there was no pain in my right knee and I felt remarkably well. All the hours spent working on my lower body muscles had paid off. To Carla I say thank you. She not only prepared me physically, she also motivated me and gave me back some of my old confidence. She did this professionally and always with a sense of humour. Thanks buddy. Oh, thanks Jackie for letting me go and play.

Yup, I did Kokoda at age 47. Had a knee arthroscopy in 2001.Specialist told me to lead a sedentary life and all would be well. You know me, the thought of not being able to get outdoors terrifies me. So why Kokoda? As an ex- serviceman Gallipoli and Kokoda are two pilgrimages that are important to me. I wanted to understand the difficulties of operating in a place like the Owen Stanleys as well as the historical military aspects. Plus there were personal reasons for wanting to go.

Sam Andaloro was your normal everyday fella (well, as normal as an Intelligence warrant officer in the Army can be!!!!) who underwent surgery on his knee....and set a goal to walk the Kokoda Trail

.....Ordinary people doing extraordinary things!

Footnote: As Sam's training sometimes involved negotiating the gentle(!) gradient of Cheltenham Dve adorned with 25kg pack or barbell of equal weight, he became affectionately known as "packman" among the Robina Parkway Medical Centre proprietors and employees, thanks to Judi and the girls from the doctors surgery!

- Sam Andaloro

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" Now, within one week of my 80th birthday... "

My first entry into any "get fit" programme was the routine post-operative programme provided by the John Flynn Hospital following a coronary artery stent implant in September 2002.

Regrettably, only 7 months later, April 2003, I was back in John Flynn for a quadruple heart bypass operation (the stent having failed) and following the bypass operation I again joined in the hospital's fitness rehab. programme.

The benefits of these programmes were clear to me but I nevertheless lapsed into laziness again at the end of the scheduled 6 weeks programme.

However, only six months later, September 2003, I needed and underwent a total hip replacement, at the Pindara Hospital, and this time I was left to my own devices for any rehab. exercises after leaving the hospital.

This was not long before my 76th birthday and I found myself attracted by the sign outside Strength2Strength offering personalised fitness training.

Now, within one week of my 80th birthday I find it is hard to believe how much my balance and my physical strength have improved/increased during these past four years. It seems incredible that starting at age 76 I could be getting stronger and fitter as I grow older but the proof is there.

No matter what your age or physical condition might be I can, from my personal experience, highly recommend enrolling for a personal training course with Carla and her assistants at Strength2Strength.

- Gordon Lightfoot

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" Most important in my prep for Kokoda was the psychological battle... "

I first heard of Carla through my mother who has been a regular client for a few years and has made great progress. After being inspired by the Channel 7 Sunrise team who completed the Kokoda track and seeing Joe Hockey, an overweight politician, standing at the memorial site in Isurava, I began training in April 2006. Having not performed any exercise in many years, I was apprehensive and nervous about the first training session, which was fortunately free. During the first session I humbly asked Carla "I want to do the Kokoda Track. Do you think I can do it?" In her most serious face with not a hint of a smile, she looked back and said confidently, "Of course I do".

Thus began six months of intensive training. Focusing on improving upper body strength to carry a back pack and leg strength to climb hills, Carla would push me to the edge every week to the point of nearly vomiting over the balcony! She helped with my diet and trained me to carry a 15kg full pack on my back for the distance and incline required for the Kokoda Track, coordinating with my shift work. She also recommended what turned out to be an excellent company that took people to Papua New Guinea and through the Kokoda Track, some old buddies of hers from her Army days. They were sure, steady and got me to the end.

Most important in my preparation for Kokoda was the psychological battle. Carla proved to me time and time again that my body is capable even though my mind says I am not. Carla taught me how to push through hardship and overcome adversity to accomplish goals. First, small accomplishments in walking, running, weights, and inner-core strengthening, I had the mental ability to get up any hill and conquer what the Kokoda Track could throw at me. The psychological edge Carla taught me was incredible. I walked the Kokoda Track and loved every minute of it. Carla and I continue to train together every week and I continue to become stronger. After night shift, I can go in there feeling shabby and tired and walk out feeling fantastic and full of energy. I have never had a session with Carla where I did not walk out feeling better than I was. My self-esteem has dramatically improved and my zest for life is new and an inspiration to others. Carla's strength, patience and never letting me give up have made me a better person.

Thank goodness for Carla and the path she has taken me. I continue to go from Strength2Strength!

- Joanne West

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