Welcome to Strength2Strength Health And Fitness

Welcome to Strength2Strength Health and Fitness, established in 2003 by Carla Dell following a career in the Australian Regular Army. Carla and her team of highly motivated and professional trainers ensure that all clients’ medical or health conditions, goals, strengths and weaknesses are accommodated in an individualised, tailor made health and fitness program.

Research confirms that strength training increases bone mineral density, joint strength and stability and your metabolism. Improving cardiovascular function and increasing active tissue mass (muscle) can have a significant positive impact on issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis, to name a few.

The Team is dedicated to educating and assisting individuals to make healthy lifestyle choices to maximise their quality of life. All of our personal trainers have a wealth of experience, not only in the various specialist courses undertaken through the fitness industry, but from their respective previous careers, sporting achievements and life skills generally (read more).

Personal training is ideal for people with individual needs, special requirements and a desire to successfully achieve their health and fitness goals. Strength2Strength’s private, fully equipped and air-conditioned studio is perfect for those who simply dislike training in public and appreciate the one-on-one attention and supervision.

Sam Andaloro

By Month Three I had no doubt I would have the strength to walk Kokoda. My lower body muscles were beginning to take up the strain. Dragon woman, I mean Carla, didn't neglect my upper body muscles either. Bench presses, lat pull-downs, rowing, leg presses, squats, push-ups (yumm my favorite, NOT) mixed in with some fun activities began to show results. Carla is an excellent motivator.